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Ad2Cab are the leading East Midlands taxi advertising company, covering Hackney carriages across the region. We target vehicular, pedestrian and an exclusive captive audience travelling in the back of the cab. All our taxis are in the cities busiest areas ensuring your campaigns are at their most visible and reaching the fast ever-growing business population.

Taxis offer coverage in all places that buses, trains or billboards cannot penetrate. Our fleet of Hackney Carriages are a mobile media that can take your campaign message within our targeted locations, offering you coverage across Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. You can choose to cover the entire East Midlands region or just one city.

Fact: The first documented Taxi ’hackney coach’ operated in London in 1621. The term ’hackney’ comes from the Norman French word ’hacquenee’ meaning a type of horse suitable for hire.

    Ad2Cb Advertising

    Why Choose Ad2Cab

    We can get your brand noticed. We will put your advert in front of 786,600 for the Nottingham Travel-to-work- area alone!

    30 years of mobile advertising experience

    We have been providing affordable ― and effective — advertising for 30 years our team of professionals are passionate about ensuring that they put their creative and marketing talents to work for you.

    A higher potential ROI than any other ad avenue

    We can expose your brand to thousands of potential customers from just £3.00 a day!.

    A creative, customer-led professional service

    Our customers are our business and our number one priority ― we partner with them to deliver tailored packages to suit project and pocket.

    Ad Types

    We can offer a range of ad sizes and types depending on the coverage that your business needs, these range from adverts on internal panels and single outer panel graphics all the way to whole multiple panel advertising options.

    All of our advertising options are designed to bring you the best possible return on your investment and put your business in front of thousands of potential new customers.

    Wheather you have a specific product or promotion that you want to advertise or you are simply looking to increase brand awareness, Ad2cab have an advertising solution for your needs.

    Flip Up Seat Panels

    To ensure that your advertisement makes a bold statement, we recommend full livery – this ensures maximum exposure.

    Rear Window

    Rear windows are a popular choice for a our clients who want to capture the attention of motorists

    Rear Doors

    We offer a choice of side and door panel advertising that is ideal for pedestrian advertisement

    Double Doors

    We offer a choice of side and door panel advertising that is ideal for pedestrian advertisement

    Our Service

    The diverse talent in our team ensures you’ll receive unique creative ideas for your taxi adverts.

    We specialise in:

    • working with your goals in mind and tailoring our packages to your specific business;
    • offering a full end-to-end taxi advertising service;
    • providing cost-effective, high-impact advertising solutions.

    The Taxi Advertising Service

    Big or small, we can put together a solution when you need it. Our advanced service and support tools provide step-by-step instructions without you being put on hold or experiencing delays